How to keep bees out of your Hummingbird Feeders

November 16, 2009

waspIf bees or wasps are a problem, getting into the nectar of your hummingbird feeder or preventing your hummingbirds from feeding, here are a few tips you can try:

* Use a hummingbird feeder with bee guard so the bees can’t get into the nectar.

* Try feeders that have no yellow in them. The color yellow could be attractive to bees. Try painting the yellow parts with red nail color.

* If the “bee”s are actually yellow jackets, a kind of wasp, you may be able to reduce the population with yellow jacket traps.

* Move your hummingbird feeder to a very shady location. Bees prefer to eat in sunny areas. Distract bees with a saucer of nectar where the feeder used to be.

* Make the nectar less sweet. Try 5 parts of water to 1 part sugar instead of the usual 4 parts water to one part sugar.

* Spraying cooking oil on the feeder may stop bees from landing on it. But use caution not to overdo it. Oil on hummingbird feathers can be harmful to them.

*A small amount of petroleum jelly on the feeder flowers might also help stop bees from landing. Be sure to wipe off the excess so hummingbirds don’t get it on their feathers.

* After hanging with fresh nectar, be sure to clean off sugary drips or spills on thewasp outside of the feeder so bees won’t be attracted to the sugary scent.

* Never use insect-killing chemicals around hummingbird feeders! It’s bad for the hummingbirds and may also kill beneficial honey bees!

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Mr&Mrs OzzyMan June 16, 2014 at 10:18 am

We have over 29 Hummingbirds out here daily,we have 9 feeder for the Hummingbirds “1″ for the bees, in order to jeep them away from our guests.. wife put “bee-feeders” 20′ away…. will try 40in time…. full sun after 11am on yard.Sun rises in front of house sets out back with ABOUT a 1.24 acre area all around it.

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