Attracting City Birds to your Back Yard

February 2, 2010

Cities are home to many kinds of wild birds. In Central Park in New York City birdwatchers have counted over 100 species in one day.

The number of birds living in a city depends on its green spaces – cemeteries, parks, golf courses, backyards. When birds need a place to rest or feed they head for the nearest green spot.

This does not mean that you must live next to a park to attract birds. A small perimeter of trees, patch of lawn, a deck or terrace with planter boxes or even a single windowsill with a flower box will tempt birds to stop.

No matter where you live, the necessary elements for attracting birds are the same: food, water and shelter. Imaginative use of even the smallest place will invite birds. Plant trees, flowers and shrubs in containers and pots on a balcony, patio or in a small yard. Choose a variety of plantings: an evergreen to provide shelter, berry-bearing or flowering vines to offer food.

Make your resources do double duty. A planter or windowbox can become a platform feeder in the winter when plants are removed and the soil is smoothed out. Sprinkle the surface with seed each day. String popcorn and berries to hang on the evergreen.

Fresh water is very important. Transform a large flower pot saucer into a place for birds to drink or take a dip. Wash out and refill the saucer often.

To welcome the many city birds that feed from the ground, place a small amount of seed in a dish or scatter seed in your flower box. If you have a problem with pigeons, we recommend a hanging feeder such as the Duncraft Cling-a-Wing or Satellite. Pigeons cannot land on these feeders.

Keep your feeding area clean. Sweep up spilled seed frequently because this will lessen the likelihood of attracting rodents. You may want to try a “no-waste” seed to eliminate waste seed hulls; in this case, we recommend Duncraft Four-Season “No-Waste” or our Sunflower Heart Chips.

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Dan Stergius October 7, 2011 at 3:34 pm

We have one of your absolute 11 feeders. It is squirrel proof for sure, but were not getting any birds. What can we do to attract birds?

donna markle January 4, 2012 at 10:42 am

Can there be too many people feeding the birds in my neighborhood?
I have suet and bird feeders, water, etc and can’t attract the birds.
thank you

BlueBird June 1, 2012 at 10:55 pm

I am blessed! I have at least 15 different variety of birds at my house daily not counting the passers by when the trees are fruiting. I have created a beautiful environment for them. I have a lush garden of color with many varieties of flowers, bushes and trees. I have a wild cherry tree that Robins, chipmunks and squirrels love. I have bird baths and I have ground water dishes for all my lizards, chipmunks, and the troublemaking squirrels. I offer seed and suet for the birds in my various Duncraft feeders and I offer housing in different types of Duncraft houses. I am on my 3 rd family of Blue Birds! I used the Duncraft Blue Bird stake with the recommended housing and success! I find the birds will look for insects as well as eat seed so they are not only eating suit and seed. This is good the birds do not totally rely on human feeding. Don’t loose heart if you do not have birds feeding and roosting in your yard yet, learn a little more by reading the 3.99 books Duncraft has to offer you and say a few prayers to God and you will have success too! Taking care of Birds is very rewarding… I also have to send out a big thanks to Duncraft who also helped me with my successes.

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