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Not your average bird feeders and bird houses!  Lazy Hill Farms creates fabulous products using only the highest quality materials.  Using a wood substitute called cellular vinyl, these houses and feeders are built to last a lifetime.  This material never fades, warps or cracks and will never need painting.  Some of the houses and feeders are topped with layered cedar shingles for a quaint look, while others are topped with pure copper.  All Lazy Hill products are proudly made in America!  Take a look at a few of the designs Lazy Hill has to offer:

The Bell Feeder with Polished Copper Roof:

This amazing feeder has been created with immaculate detail.  The bell shaped roof is pure copper, spun and polished to a gleaming shine.  Being pure copper, it will eventually develop a beautiful patina, giving the feeder an ageless appearance.  A matching band of copper encircles the bottom of the feeder, keeping in the seed and adding an elegant touch.  At 17 inches in diameter and 23 1/2 inches tall, this is a commanding feeder!    $399.00

The Lazy Hill Feeder:

Somehow quaint and elegant at the same time, the Lazy Hill Feeder brings a classic grace to any yard.  So beautiful, you won’t want to hide it in the backyard–so go ahead and put it out front!  Be sure to mount it on a painted post with attractive corbels for a finished look.  Cellular vinyl columns and base support a roof of finely cut cedar shingles.  17 x 24 $379.95

The Carousel: 

Whimsical, but with such style and good taste, the Carousel brings to mind memories of an old time country fair.  A time when ladies dressed in hats and gloves and the gents in their dapper finest.  Can you hear the music playing?  Corbelled pillars support this magnificent roof of pure polished copper and a band of copper encircles the base.  Be sure to mount this feeder on an attractive post to really show it off!   25 x 24″      $559.00

The Lazy Hill House:

Meticulously styled after an old English dovecote, the Lazy Hill House defines the words “focal point”.  At home in any yard or garden, be sure to leave this house up year round.  In spring, the eight compartments provide nesting room and in winter birds can roost at night. Solid, cellular vinyl is topped with an array of cedar shingles.  16 x 28″     $399.00

The Five Compartment Flat House :

The name may be plain, but this bird house certainly is not!  Crafted of solid cellular vinyl, the five compartments offer nesting room and a roosting spot on winter nights.  The  roof is made with cedar shingles and peaked with copper.  Be sure to hang this house where it can be most appreciated every day!  Brackets are included!  15 1/2 x 20″   $324.95

Small Shingled Feeder:

Display this feeder on a wall bracket as shown (not included) or post mount it anywhere you want to see nesting birds.  Petite in nature, this house is suitable for small, cavity nesters.  Crafted of cellular vinyl, and topped with cedar shingles and a cute finial, this house will last a lifetime.  Be sure to mount this feeder where it can be enjoyed everyday. 9 x 14 1/2 $199.95


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  • Pat Dykstra August 17, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    I have a question. I have a birdhouse from Lazy Hill Farm that is from years ago. Were they made from wood rather than vinyl in the “old days”? Bigger birds have enlarged the holes here and there and I am wondering if the vinyl is a material that they can’t peck through?

    • Dawn Coutu August 26, 2014 at 12:50 pm

      Hi Pat,

      Thank you for contacting us with your question. Lazy Hill Farm is a line we used to carry years ago. Since then, they’ve been bought out by Good Directions. While we don’t happen to know the answer to your question, we are more than happy to connect you with Good Directions. Here’s a link to the contact information on their website:

      Thank you, again, for contacting Duncraft. Happy Birding!

      Dawn Coutu
      Wild Bird Superstore