Curb Hummingbird Aggression

This is how you get hummingbirds to stop fighting.

The hummingbirds are back! And now they’re fighting. Females and males are naturally aggressive and often defend their territory. You know they’re on guard when they’re hovering above an intruder, making sharp, fast-paced chirps, meant as a warning. Prepare yourself for a season of beauty and birding enjoyment and tame their aggressive tendencies with these tips:

Leave space between each bird feeder, so there’s more of a chance for other hummingbirds to come in for a landing and grab food before being chased away. Add feeders in more locations because a hummingbird will have a hard time defending multiple feeders at the same time. Remove their favorite perch, where they may be keeping an eye on their territory, because this will make them feel less dominant. Remove the cause of aggression by placing the feeder out of reach of cats and other hummingbirds or songbirds, who may pose a threat.

Following these tips means your lovely little hummingbirds will be less likely to get in fights and make it more likely you’ll have a bevy of beauty to admire from your many hummingbirds all season long. Browse our hummingbird feeders.


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