First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story (Video)

First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story is a gorgeous glimpse into one bird’s world as she raises her young. And yes, those are clothespins in the first frame–bigger than the nest, that’s right! The footage is stunning and makes a great gift for any hummingbird enthusiast. Psst, here’s a sneak peek:

Similar to the one in the video, this nest mimics their natural habitat. Plus, it’s a great way to invite hummers to nest in your backyard–without having to wait for them to build a nest!

Here’s another hummingbird nest, a video (below), and our full selection of hummingbird products. Happy Birding!


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Dawn Coutu watches the birds when she walks, instead of the sidewalk.

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Katie @ Bird Spikes October 4, 2014 at 7:32 am

Interesting. People must get aware of the history of the birds, their life and safe measures to be taken to follow bird control.

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