3 Hot Drinks for Bird Watching

Make some hot apple cider to sip, while watching the birds.
Make some hot apple cider to sip, while watching the birds.

Make some hot apple cider and relax, while watching the birds.

Welcome to fall in New England, where the sun’s been setting at 6:15 p.m., our days are often 60°F and sunny with nights reaching 30°F. This change of season leaves us wanting. We want to spend more time with family and hot drinks in our hands to keep our hands toasty. We want the comforts of home.

At Duncraft, we understand watching the birds is about more than just watching the birds. It’s about sharing the joy of each bird sighting with the ones you love. Bird watching is an excuse to bond with the people closest to you, while preferably holding a hot drink. Let’s truly ring in the spirit of autumn with three excellent recipes for hot drinks you can make from the comfort of your own home. The drinks assemble easily and the scents will transform your home in the most enchanting way. Grab your cozy slippers and let’s get started.

Transition into autumn with these 3 warming drinks:

You’re in for a real treat because each of these recipes was handpicked for you, each with a 5-star rating to help you celebrate autumn with complete joy. Enjoy! and let us know how you liked the recipes.

Hot Apple Cider

Here’s a recipe for the best hot apple cider available. Ready within 15 minutes, this will become your new favorite go-to cider all season long. Serves a family of six.

Get the cider recipe here.

Hot Buttered Rum

Ring in the crisp New England autumn with a little more kick in your day. This hot buttered rum cocktail will warm you right up. While this recipe calls for the real deal, you may want to wait until you’re ready to settle in for the evening before you indulge in this 5-star drinkable legend from Emeril Lagasse himself.

Get Emeril’s recipe here.

Hot Toddy

No matter where you live in the world, it’s worth taking a moment for yourself and crafting a deliciously easy cider or cocktail to help you unwind. These are the moments we live for and fall helps remind us to take a little break and enjoy the changing scenery and the pleasure of a hot drink.

Get the hot toddy recipe here.


Did you know? Hot Toddies have been recommended to help adults get over a cold. So if you’re out of cough syrup, you know what to do.

Enjoy sipping your hot drink and…

Happy Birding!

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