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  • Start attracting orioles by offering fruit.
    Bird Feeding

    Oriole Fruit and Jelly Feeder

    You recognize the gourd-shaped nest hanging 40 feet in the air and you know there are orioles nearby. But how do you get them to you? Give orioles the good stuff! An oriole’s diet consists of three main food…

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    Naturally Fresh Nectar

    There are a lot of pre-made nectar formulas on the market. What’s different about this one? Includes micronutrient to help nectar stay fresh for longer Made with Nectar Defender™, the equivalent of Feeder Fresh™ for hummingbirds No…

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    Woodpecker Feeders

    Woodpeckers are desirable birds. They eat bugs and help maintain a healthy habitat. These feeders will attract woodpeckers and deter larger birds like starlings. HINT: Especially the Upside Down Suet Shield Feeder. Watch the slideshow to discover all 9 new woodpecker…

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    The HUM-Button

    Become the hummingbird whisperer with HUM-Button™ mini hummingbird feeders. You can take these mini buttons anywhere to share the love and magic of hummingbirds. Now you can safely cross “Feed hummingbirds from the palm of my hand” off your Bucket…

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    Stop Leaking Nectar

    Decorative, bottle-style nectar feeders are enchanting additions to our yards and gardens; many of them are truly works of art. Normally they work beautifully, but once in a while we’ll hear about problems with leaking. Besides…