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  • Bird Watching

    Do Ravens Like Cookies?

    Randy and Sandy in California shared their bird photos with us. Thank you, birds are so fun to watch! Now here’s their letter. After, keep scrolling to see their fun photos. As luck would have it,…

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    Bird Watching

    Getting Kids into Birding

    On the surface, birding may seem fairly straightforward: you go out, you look for birds, you find the birds, you identify the birds and then call it a day. But it’s so much more than that,…

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    Apps for Birding Adventures

    Continuing and rapid changes in technology has irrevocably changed much of the face of society, from how we buy goods and services to how we interact with each other and countless other ways in between. Birding…

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    Birds and Their Toes

    It’s something that has undoubtedly puzzled many a backyard birder – how do their beautiful birds manage to sleep while perched precariously on nothing more than a tree branch? Looking at them, it would appear that…

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    Bird Watching

    The Woodthrush and Its Song

    Listen for the beautiful Wood Thrush at dawn and at dusk. Chances are you’ll be able to recognize its song before you ever see the bird, even if they are fairly common in their range. Wood…

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    Bird Watching

    The Elusive Veery

    You may not know what a Veery is, or have any idea of what they look like, but if you live in the northern U.S., chances are that you’ve heard their mysterious and lovely song echoing…

  • Start enjoying hummingbirds!
    Bird Watching

    Enjoy Hummingbirds

    Spring and summer bring hummingbirds—and these little birds aren’t shy! They visit feeders on apartment balconies, windowpanes, porches or decks, and backyards both big and small. With a simple feeder and a little sugar water, anyone…

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    Birds at the Seashore

    A recent fall trip to the seacoast of New Hampshire gave an excellent opportunity to view several varieties of  shorebirds.  It’s October and the largest number of birds were Ring-billed Gulls. The adults are easily identified…

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    The Brown Creeper

    The Brown Creeper is an interesting little bird that almost everyone has the opportunity to see. They’re found year round in the northeast and west, and in the central and southern parts of the country during…