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    Tales from Our Retail Store

    As many of you know, Duncraft is a family-run company.  One of our younger employees is Jacob Kimball, grandson of Mike Dunn and representing the fourth generation of Dunns to be employed at Duncraft.   Jake has…

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    The Pileated Woodpecker

    The Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes the Pileated Woodpecker as “nearly as large as a crow…”. Wow, if you’ve ever seen one of these birds, they look way bigger than a crow!  So, I had to…

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    Roosting Boxes for Birds

    Roosting boxes are an important, all-season addition to backyard habitats–and something that’s easy to install in your yard.  Roosting boxes protect birds from frigid winter conditions, driving rain and windy nights by offering shelter that they…

  • Make a brush pile to provide shelter for birds all year.

    How to Create Shelter

    When most people think of shelter for the birds, we think of birdhouses in spring and perhaps roosting boxes in winter where birds can escape cold, windy nights. Birdhouses and roosting boxes are wonderful additions to…

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    Attract Birds with Plants

    Feeding the birds is the most common way to attract beautiful birds into your yard.  Duncraft has thousands of bird feeding products to help you enjoy your birds! For all your bird feeding needs and wants,…

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    Welcome to Bird Feeding

    What’s more exciting for us birders than seeing a new bird at your feeder? The first time I saw Evening Grosbeaks appear at my feeder, and then come back with a fledgling a few days later—I couldn’t take…

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    The Bluebird Chronicles III

    If there’s one thing about Nature–she makes us wait. We wait for the first green of spring, the heat of summer, the briskness of fall and the white of winter.  We wait for the birds to…