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    Listen to Bird Calls From 1890

    Birds may have sounded a lot different before the 1900’s. What do you think? NOTE: This mechanical bird song was likely created by Blaise Bontems and restored by Michael Start of The House of Automata. Join…

  • The Sky Café 360 at

    The Squirrel-Proof Sky Cafe

    The Sky Café is one of the best squirrel-proof feeders that works without any electronics whatsoever. Watch the cute video below and you’ll see what we mean. Squirrels absolutely can’t get to the seed if they approach…

  • This American Dipper is swimming in water.

    This Bird Flies Underwater

    Written by Bill Askenburg The American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus), also known as a Water Ouzel, is a stocky dark grey bird with a head sometimes tinged with brown, and white feathers on the eyelids cause the…