• Make sure birds have plenty to drink this winter.

    Offer Ice-Free Water in Winter

    All creatures need water, and birds are no exception. Birds bathe in water to keep their feathers in top flight condition and to help keep parasites at a minimum. Songbirds extract enough water from the fruits,…

  • Shop roosting pockets at

    Roosting Pockets Provide Night-time Shelter

    All winter long, a bird’s most difficult task is to continually forage enough food during the day. Most of us provide birds with food and water during the day, but we can go one step further.…

  • Shop holiday bird seed treats at

    Decorate a Holiday Bird Tree!

    This year, why not decorate a special Holiday Tree for the birds with bird-edible ornaments and tasty treats? It can be a tree bare of leaves or a beautiful evergreen. Either way, bird trees look festive…