• The colorful blooming ranunculus flower with birds flying above.
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    Birds and Weather Predictions

    Meteorology is no simple task Meteorology is a notoriously tricky business, as anybody who has ever had to restrain themselves from cursing out the weatherman for yet another blown weather report can attest. But long before…

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    How Birds Stay Cool

    Up at our New Hampshire office, we had a bit of a heat wave recently. And with the calendar inching ever closer to August, the entire Northern Hemisphere is well into the dog days of summer.…

  • Habitat Nature

    What Bats Use Bat Houses?

    Bats are amazing animals–capable of pollinating plants, dispersing seeds and controlling insect-pest populations. Bats are the only major predator of nocturnally flying insects, and that includes mosquitoes! In fact, one insect-eating bat can consume 500 to…

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    Coffee Drinkers Can Save Birds

    September 14, 2009 By Bill Askenburg BOSTON, Mass.—Did you know that you can help birds by simply drinking coffee? The right type of coffee, that is. Mass Audubon, a leader in bird conservation since 1896, has…

  • The Beaver Meadow children making teddy bears from bird seed.

    Beaver Meadow Elementary

     On September 29th, Duncraft had the pleasure of a visit from three classes of second graders from a local elementary school. It was great fun for all! First the kids got a tour of our manufacturing…