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  • Discover new ways to care for your home flock of chickens with Duncraft products.
    Bird Feeding Solutions Tips

    Products for Your Home Flock

    Small backyard flocks of chicken and ducks are becoming more and more popular, even in urban areas. What’s not to love: great entertainment; a way to dispose of carrot peels and other kitchen scraps; and the big…

  • Learn how to clean Duncraft Haven feeders.
    Bird Feeding

    Bird Feeding Questions

    How do I clean Selective and Haven Feeders? Our Duncraft Selective and Haven caged feeders are not designed to be taken apart for cleaning. If seed has become compacted within the tube, soaking the feeder in…

  • Bird Housing Birds

    Eco-friendly Bluebird Feeders

    Bluebird season is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy these beautiful birds than to provide them with feeders specially designed  just for them? Bluebirds prefer to eat by themselves, away from other birds…

  • Bird Feeding Birds

    Our New CNC Router

    Duncraft has been a busy place lately, making lots of new Eco-friendly products right here in Concord, NH. We’ve recently added new manufacturing equipment specifically for producing bird feeders and houses out of recycled plastic. The…

  • Learn why you're seeing so many finches this winter.

    Irruptive Winter Finches

    You may think that now our summer birds have migrated south, you won’t be seeing any new birds this winter. Think again! You might be treated to a visit by Red or White-winged Crossbills, Pine Siskins,…

  • Become a better birder this year by trying one of these tips.
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    Attract Cardinals

    Cardinals are a welcome sight for northerners, there is seldom a more welcome sight on a blustery winter day than the flashy red male cardinal and his attractive mate. Even their call, an exuberant “cheer, cheer, cheer”…