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  • Birds fly south for migration over a dusky orange fall sunset.

    Fall Migration

    It’s hard to believe summer is almost over! Already birds have been preparing for fall migration, when thousands of birds take to the air for their epic journeys to Mexico, Central and South America. For weeks…

  • Bird Feeding

    Create a Holiday Tree for the birds!

    This year, why not decorate a special Holiday Tree for the birds with bird-edible ornaments and tasty treats? It can be a tree bare of leaves or a beautiful evergreen. Either way, bird trees look festive and…

  • Bird Feeding

    Common Bird Feeding Questions

    How do I clean Selective and Haven Feeders? Our Duncraft Selective and Haven caged feeders are not designed to be taken apart for cleaning. If seed has become compacted within the tube, soaking the feeder in…

  • Birds

    All About Orioles

    Enjoy these selected blog articles on orioles and how to attract them to your own backyard! How to Attract Orioles to Your Backyard | Bird Birds & Birding Attracting Orioles to your yard. Tips on attracting,…

  • Bird Feeding Winter

    Feeding Fruit and Nuts in Winter

    In summer birds use most of their energy foraging for food and nesting. Food is plentiful and birds have a wide variety of fruits, berries, seeds, insects and nuts to choose from as well as the…