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  • Duncraft's Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder attracts insect- and suet-loving birds.
    Bird Feeding

    Attract Birds With Suet

    Birds are always eating to satisfy their constant demand for energy–and fat provides the most concentrated source of calories in a bird’s diet. That translates into energy for flying, keeping warm, nesting, raising young and foraging.…

  • Bird Feeding

    Pine Cone Ornaments

    Making pine cone ornaments is a fun family activity that you can do with your nieces and nephews. In fact, they may love feeding the birds so much, they’ll want to be a birder like their Uncle or…

  • Bird Feeding

    Create a Holiday Tree for the birds!

    This year, why not decorate a special Holiday Tree for the birds with bird-edible ornaments and tasty treats? It can be a tree bare of leaves or a beautiful evergreen. Either way, bird trees look festive and…

  • Winter

    Ways to Feed Suet to Winter Birds

    Suet is probably the most important food you can offer your birds in winter.  As we all know by now, birds need quality, high-calorie food all year long.  In summer when food is abundant, birds also…