Little Bitty: A Squirrel Tale

Read this cute squirrel story.


This is a picture of my little friend. I saved her life almost two years ago. She was about to drown and I rescued her. She was so exhausted and frightened and she just sat by me for a little while. I was able to pat her back. When she regained her strength, off she went into the woods. (I live in a beautiful wooded area in the country.) Every morning I put out some whole peanuts for the squirrels, scrub jays, titmice and woodpeckers.

Shortly after the rescue of ‘Little Bitty’, she started coming up to me to get her own peanut. She will now come to my door and look inside. She will come to my kitchen window and look for me. Of course when I see her, she definitely gets another peanut! On warm days when the patio door is open, she will come inside and get her own peanut out of the peanut bag. If she sees me outside, she comes running up to me. When my son and his family are here, she will ask for a peanut from them as well. She is our special little girl and is so cute. Sometimes she startles me when she drops down out of the tree and I was not aware she was there! I always save the peanuts that have three in them just for her. Even if there are still peanuts on the deck rail, if ‘Little Bitty’ sees me outside, she will come to me for her peanut. We all think she is pretty neat, even my mom who doesn’t care for squirrels. Anyway, ‘Little Bitty’ has made my day many days and I enjoy her visits.  ‘Little Bitty’ has been a bright spot in my life. (Some of my family tease me and tell me that I need to get one, a life, that is, since I get so much pleasure from a little squirrel!)

Thanks for reading my story about my little friend.
Janet Taylor

Thanks Janet, for sharing your cute story.  Anyone else have a cute squirrel story they’d like to share? –Duncraft


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  • Connie Farris August 11, 2014 at 7:30 am

    My family also has a wooded area behind the apartment. As a result of feeding birds, we attracted squirrels as well. We named various o nes if they had identifiable marks, etc. Our “baby” who started it all was “Figaro” or “Figgy”, a beautiful little female. She was a little “rascal” whom we loved very much. At Christmas she loved little wreath-like cookies that we gave her. She would either eat the cookie or go off to find a hiding place for it. We actually kept a journal of all her antics! We enjoyed her for five years before we quit seeing her. But we will never forget her and still feed all the wildlife we are so fortunate to get to see.