Easy Winter Bird Feeding

Deck feeders make winter feeding easy.

Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to enjoy your birds this winter. When you have to tramp through deep snow and blowing winds to fill your feeders, some of the fun goes out of bird feeding! But the birds do need our help. What to do? Here are a few tips.

Many times our largest feeders are stationed out in the middle of the yard on immovable poles or posts. These feeders can be filled on nicer days, but often these feeders go unfilled because it’s just too difficult to get out there and do it. Rather than let the birds go hungry, why not invest in a couple of poles and hangers that can be used to move feeders closer to the house and be positioned for better bird viewing?

The time to buy the poles and get them into the ground is now—before the ground freezes! With a little forethought, you can be enjoying beautiful bird views all winter long from the comfort of your house—and filling feeders will be easier than ever! Bring birds up close to decks and porches with handy deck brackets.

These days, the deck, patio and porch are integral parts of a home’s living space. In winter, these areas can be cleared of snow and made bird-friendly all year long by using hangers that easily clamp to a deck rail. Some clamp-on hangers offer multiple places to hang feeders, while other single arm hangers can feature one particularly striking, large capacity feeder. For patios, use multi-armed hangers with ground stakes that can be pushed into the ground around the patio or porch’s seating spaces. The trick is to get them into the ground before the ground freezes.

Wall mount your feeders outside a frequently viewed window—no ground space needed!

Wall-mount hangers take up very little wall space and really add impact. Most swivel on their hangers so you can move them to the most ideal position. These hangers work extremely well on the outside of a kitchen window over the sink or outside the window of a breakfast nook. Think of the places where you spend a lot of time in the house and think of how pleasurable it would be to watch birds while you’re there. Washing dishes is certainly not drudgery when you are viewing beautiful birds chirping and fluttering outside your window—and close enough to see every detail!

Another great place to put a pole and feeder would be at the end of a walkway or along the side of the driveway. These are areas that are frequently kept clear of snow and makes reaching and filling feeders much easier. Keep seed handy and close by. If the seed is located in the garage, use a container that deters mice and other critters from getting into it so the seed stays fresh for longer. Another great idea is to freeze your five pound seed bags and suet. Frozen seeds and suet are fine for the birds and freezing kills off any flour moths that might be present. With a few new feeders and a couple of versatile, movable poles you can be enjoying your winter birds in no time. Happy Birding!

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  • Susan August 22, 2012 at 11:48 am

    But you neglected to mention one important thing! Wherever you put your feeders, if there are squirrels around then you have to have some sort of a baffle to deter them from getting at the feeders and eating the seed!! It’s all well and good to have many feeders for the birds but you also have to protect them from the squirrels!!