Beaver Meadow Elementary

The Beaver Meadow children making teddy bears from bird seed.
 On September 29th, Duncraft had the pleasure of a visit from three classes of second graders from a local elementary school. It was great fun for all! First the kids got a tour of our manufacturing area where the fork lift commanded lots of interest. Then they learned how our Duncraft Metal Haven Feeders were assembled and each class got to take one back to school. We hope the feeders will attract lots of birds this winter outside their classroom windows!

But then the real fun began. All the kids got to make their very own Teddy Bear seed treats—getting their hands into the seed, mixing it up and pressing it into Teddy Bear shaped molds to dry. The treats take about a week to dry, and we couldn’t make the kids wait that long without taking home something that very day. In the meantime, each of the kids got a Holiday Star to hang up for the birds when they got home.

As a thank you to us, the kids sent us a charming book containing drawings they made of their fun time at Duncraft…enjoy these great images!

Jessy's DrawingJessy drew our forklift, lifting pallets and the people in the upstairs offices! 🙂

Ellanah's DrawingElannah drew the Duncraft Metal Haven and colorful birds Bailey's DrawingBailey drew his Duncraft feeder hanging from a tree in the yard

Thank you Beaver Meadow for brightening our day and sending these cute drawings!

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