From Brenda Kitchen

Read one woman's story about hand-feeding hummingbirds.

Hand-feed your hummers… here’s how!

Longtime Duncraft customer, Brenda Kitchen, recently sent us these amazing photographs of hummingbirds feeding from our Hummzinger Fancy while she held it in her hand! Here’s how she did it…

These are Anna’s hummers — they stay here year round. I live about 12 miles inland from Malibu. I have an abundance of Anna’s hummers this year along with Rufous hummers also. I have 6 feeders hung in the same tree at different heights- all about 10-12 inches from each other.  hey all have the Duncraft pretty red flower ant moats above them. I routinely get 20-25 hummers feeding at a time. They buzz my head when I’m filling them so I thought I’d ask my husband to stand back with the camera and see if any would light on my hand after I filled the feeders. I stood about 12 inches from the branch where they feed and held the feeder in my hand. It took about 15 minutes but their curiosity got the best of them. Voila! They simply are not afraid of me and eagerly await their Hummzinger to be refilled.




Aren’t these pictures fun and amazing?  With a little practice and patience, maybe you can get hummingbirds to come this close also!  Good luck and fun with your hummers!

And thank you Brenda, for sharing these cool pictures and letting us know how you did it!

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