WaxSnax for More Birds

Bluebirds love eating WaxSnax!

If you’re looking for a super easy-to-feed food all birds crave, you have to try WaxSnax! Not only do familiar backyard birds love them, they’re the perfect food to attract beautiful insect-eating birds you wouldn’t otherwise see at your feeders. The list of insect-eating birds you might see is a long one and includes bluebirds, tanagers, wrens, catbirds, thrushes, orioles, cardinals, robins, mockingbirds and waxwings — among others! Feeding WaxSnax is a great way to attract these beautiful birds into your yard for your bird watching enjoyment.  

So what are WaxSnax? They’re roasted waxworms which are the larvae of the wax moth. Waxworms are an excellent, highly nutritious food containing high levels of protein and fat. They’re an ideal food for wild birds. But all kinds of animals thrive on waxworms.  They’re raised to feed pet reptiles and amphibians, insect-eating plants and they’re even used as fishing bait.

Since WaxSnax are roasted, they’re dry, clean to handle and they have an indefinite shelf life — you can store them anywhere! They can be mixed with any seed and can be fed from just about any feeder — or just put them out on a platform feeder or tray. Nothing could be easier! If you want more birds in your yard, give WaxSnax a try — you may be pleasantly surprised by the new birds you’re going to see!

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