Decorate a Holiday Bird Tree!

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This year, why not decorate a special Holiday Tree for the birds with bird-edible ornaments and tasty treats? It can be a tree bare of leaves or a beautiful evergreen. Either way, bird trees look festive and charming in your yard and attract a lot of bird-attention!

Although Duncraft creates new holiday shapes each year that are perfect for decorating and gift giving, its also fun to make your own treats for the birds. Try stringing popcorn and cranberries on thread and drape it around the tree. And of course, there’s the old favorite—pine cones coated with peanut butter and then rolled in birdseed. Tie them to the tree with a red bow!

You can make a simple high fat food by mixing equal parts shortening, peanut butter and seeds. Shape it into balls, push a loop of twine into the center for hanging and then freeze on a flat surface. You can add other ingredients too, if you wish. Wheat germ, cornmeal, raisins, chopped orange, pears and bananas can be added in varying amounts. When frozen, your ornaments can be transferred into a freezer bag until needed. Or slice apples thinly and hang each slice with twine.

If time doesn’t allow for making homemade treats, don’t despair! Try Duncraft’s nutritious bird seed treats. Our Grapevine Star is the perfect topper for a small tree, while bird seed treats in the shape of stockings, trees and wreaths make decorating a snap. Or combine a few of our treats with some of your own to attract more birds.

Feeding the birds year-round is a hobby most of us enjoy. And feeding birds during the holidays is especially fun and rewarding—it provides much-needed nourishment for the birds and brings families together to enjoy nature, each other and the beauty of the season. Shop seasonal bird seed treats on Happy Birding!

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