The Wingscapes BirdCam

Attract bluebirds to your yard and shop

The Wingscapes BirdCam has been voted the 2009 Best Gift for Bird Lovers!

A whole new way to enjoy your birds! The BirdCam is a weatherproof, motion activated digital camera that takes videos and still pictures—outdoors where the birds are!

One of our customers, David Lindquist, wrote to tell us of his fun experiences with the BirdCam. Here’s what he had to say:

Yesterday I celebrated my first “BirdCam birthday,” having operated the product for one year. In that time, the camera was operating all but 20 days, in almost all of the weather North Carolina can dish out, from a pretty cold January morning to torrid June, to the passing of tropical storm Hannah. The unit cheerfully endured a range of 17 degrees F to 101 degrees F, wind gusts up to 52 mph, freezing rain, and a rainfall of 4.72” in one day. It snapped pictures as early as 6:21 AM and as late as 7:51 PM.

I’ve logged 25,742 photos (1,084 of which were added to my “best of” folder) and 1,892 10 second films, at 22 different feeder / habitat “looks.” I recorded 31 different species, including four that reached the BirdCam life list, and I made six short movies that I posted on Youtube. All of this, save one day, took place just in my own back yard. I also snapped, not exactly with a great deal of happiness, 6,877 photos of squirrels. I believe I have used all the features of the camera at least once, save the time lapse mode (we’ll give that a try one day!).

All in all, I’ve been exceedingly delighted with the BirdCam. I got results that were much better than I expected when I placed my order at Duncraft last year, enjoyed up-close images I had never imagined possible before with my so-limited photographic capabilities and impatience, and gained new awareness of the microhabitat that is my back yard. I have made it a point to spread the gospel, talking about this marvelous device with friends and family. I’m looking forward to another fun year! Thanks to all of you for envisioning BirdCam and getting it to market.

Best regards,

David Lindquist from Cary, N.C.

P.S. Watch the following video to see Youtube footage from the Wingscapes BirdCam. Happy Birding!

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