Two Raccoons in Missouri

Bring your bird feeders in at night to protect them from raccoons.

We heard from one of our customers, Marilyn, who has raccoons in her backyard. Here’s the story in her own words. 

First of all, I must admit to being a loyal Duncraft follower. I have always bought your products!

That said, imagine my delight to find the raccoons liking your products, too! Around 8PM, I have to hurry and bring all feeders in before dark, as the raccoons are voracious here and will eat any food left out!

One night I didn’t get out early enough…and I found a family of FIVE, each one at a different feeder. I ran to get my camera, never dreaming I would be able to open the door and go on the deck. They didn’t budge! I took the pictures from about 6 feet away.

The flash of the camera made them ultimately move, but they really took their time! They were not at all frightened by my presence and do return nightly…but their favorite platform swinging feeder is always taken in first!

Warm regards,

Marilyn Koshland, Greenwood, Missouri
(About 35 miles east of Kansas City!)

NOTE: Marilyn’s raccoons are sleeping on a Duncraft Platform feeder, which we no longer make. However, feel free to shop our complete selection of platform feeders at Happy Birding! And remember to take your bird feeders in at night with raccoons in the area.

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