The Bluebird Chronicles II

Male Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) on a thorny branch.

If there’s one thing about Nature, it’s that she makes us wait. We wait for the first green of spring, the heat of summer, the briskness of fall and the white of winter.  We wait for the birds to come back, the flowers to bloom and the garden to harvest. And there’s not a thing we can do to hurry things along.  Me?  I’m waiting for bluebirds.

In Part I of the Bluebird Chronicles, I set out to attract bluebirds to my yard. I put out the perfect house, in the perfect place. And although I’d never seen a bluebird in my yard, I was pretty sure it would only be a matter of days before I saw my first flash of blue. Well, I’ve been sitting out under the arbor, waiting and watching that house every afternoon for a month and absolutely nothing is happening.

Well, not exactly nothing. While I’m waiting for bluebirds, I watch the chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays and titmice come and go at the feeder and nibble on the suet balls I put out. Right now the suet’s just stuck on a post because something (maybe the raccoon I saw last night) took off with the suet basket. And one morning I was overjoyed to see a flicker leisurely enjoying the suet, too.

The forsythia behind the bluebird house has bloomed. The garlic has broken through the leaves I use for mulch. The chives have come up now and are already being snipped and eaten. And my “lawn ornaments” (aka chickens) are usually hanging out, doing something entertaining. They seem to be finding plenty to eat near the birdhouse. You’d think whatever it is would be good enough for bluebirds, too.

And yesterday, getting a little impatient with waiting, I took to investigating the woods nearby. I went looking for the trilliums and lady slippers that grow there. Nothing yet, but I’ll wait and look for them another time. Maybe it’s a little early, I’m not sure. And I checked on a giant tree that’s had some serious woodpecker activity to see if anything was nesting there yet, but there wasn’t.  Looks like I’m going to have to wait and check back later.

And I’m going to keep waiting and watching that birdhouse, too.  Someday I’m going to see a beautiful flash of blue fly by—and land on top.

I’ll keep you posted!

–R. Brune

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