Super Spiral Nyjer Feeder

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Goldfinches prefer eating Nyjer seed, also known as thistle seed. Nyjer is a tiny seed that requires its own feeder, otherwise this seed would fall right through the open feeding ports on your existing tube feeder. Nyjer feeders comes in all shapes and sizes, including wire mesh and tube feeders like the one you see below in the video.

The wire mesh feeders provide more perching room for finches and siskins to feed, since they cling right to the wire mesh. While tube feeders for goldfinches have teeny, tiny openings for finches to feed through–which is perfect, even if it seems like the seed would be difficult to get out, it’s not. Goldfinches have a fine pointed bill specifically for eating these tiny seeds. So when you’re trying to attract goldfinches or feed even more of these beautiful in your backyard, finding a feeder like the Super Spiral Nyjer Feeder is pretty exciting. The built-in spiral design provides a place for more goldfinches to perch and wait for their turn at the feeding ports, so you can enjoy watching more goldfinches in your yard! Attract more finches with more perching space and watch the video to learn more about the Super Spiral Nyjer Feeder. Shop Nyjer bird feeders at Happy Birding!

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