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What’s more exciting for us birders than seeing a new bird at your feeder? The first time I saw Evening Grosbeaks appear at my feeder, and then come back with a fledgling a few days later—I couldn’t take my eyes off them. And last summer I had orioles visit. On a whim, I put out some orange halves and hoped for the best—I was thrilled when two orioles showed up within days. I scrambled for the binoculars so I could get a really good look. I’m sure you’ve done that too, and maybe even got a few snapshots.

And what about feeding birds on a really snowy day when droves of hungry birds show up at the feeders?  It always makes me happy and contented to take care of the birds and make sure they’re getting plenty to eat when they need it the most.

Times like these and the simple pleasures of feeding the birds are too good to keep to yourself! Why not let your friends and family in on the fun? A simple, inexpensive gift of bird seed and a bird feeder will get them started instantly. Make sure you recommend hanging the feeder outside a window where the birds are easily seen.

Children especially love birds and it’s a great activity for them to share with parents and grandparents. Homemade bird feeders are fun to make, and the old standby: pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed works every time to attract birds. Tie a string on a pine cone, roll in peanut butter, roll in birdseed, hang! Once the kids see birds coming to the feeder and you help them learn what the birds are, they’ll be hooked for life—it’s addictive! And when birthdays and holidays come along, birding people are so easy to buy for—birding books, binoculars, bird prints, bird seed, feeders and more feeders! 

And getting people involved in helping birds is important work! With dwindling habitats, birds benefit from easy food sources and eco-friendly backyards give them places to nest and increase their populations. The more people become aware of the needs of birds and learn to enjoy them to the fullest, the better off we both will be. Shop popular gifts for bird enthusiasts at Duncraft.com.

How do you share your love of wild birds? Do you have fun bird feeding ideas to get kids interested in wild birds or a gift you gave that got someone started? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Written by R. Brune

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  • sharon k. July 5, 2010 at 4:24 am

    how exciting to find this site. my little wild bird shop closed this spring and that was a place that I could go to share my love and excitement of wild birds. I can’t say how much I have missed that shop…..and I have had a most rewarding summer so far. I have had more bird species than ever some of which I have never seen in my lifetime and I am not young.
    I had my first look at cedar waxwings, brown thrasher,and an oriole came and sat right on my hummingbird feeder that is on my sliding glass window…I had no idea that they would feed from a tube what fun that was!!