Attract Birds with Plants

You can attract hummingbirds with flowers!

Feeding the birds is the most common way to attract beautiful birds into your yard. Duncraft has thousands of bird feeding products to help you enjoy your birds! For all your bird feeding needs and wants, be sure to shop at

In addition to your bird feeders, a great way to attract birds is to plant bushes, shrubs, vines and flowers. Many birds love the berries and the seeds of flowers when the season is over. When you include fruit bearing, native plants in your yard you’ll increase the bird activity you see. And other wildlife will appreciate your efforts, too.

“Birds make a garden come alive,” according to Julie Orr Landscape Design. “They are a source of endless entertainment, dashing, fluttering, feeding, jumping, scratching, drinking, bathing, and eventually flying off. These foraging creatures are independent spirits, wild at heart, but if you provide what they need food, water, shelter, and nesting spaces they will return to your urban garden again and again.

“Bird feeders provide instant gratification to bird and human alike, but they require regular cleaning and refilling, not to mention cleaning of the mess below. A complementary and sustainable approach is to plant shrubs with berries that our feathered friends find irresistible [like blueberry bushes]. Here is a short list of shrubs to increase the carrying capacity of your garden naturally…” Visit Julie Orr Landscape Design’s website to read the complete article. Happy Birding!

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