Duncraft Masterpiece Pole Series

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There are many benefits inherent in choosing to hang bird feeders from movable poles. It’s not only easy to put the pole exactly where you want it to be for ideal viewing, but it’s just as easy to pick it up and move it around should you decide or need to put it somewhere else. Multiple things can be hung from one mere pole, so if you’ve got a pole with four hooks and/or rings, you’re able to customize the look of your pole to whatever you want – whether you want to hang four bird feeders or a feeder, a bird bath, a flower pot and a wind chime. A pole can also be placed right in your garden, potentially adding a nice visual touch to the plant and floral elements that are already there. The final significant benefit of poles is that in addition to feeders baffling squirrels and other critters from above, poles can have baffles fitted around them – providing protection to feeders from below as well.

4280So now that you’ve become aware of the benefits of pole-based bird feeding, how do you know what kind of pole to buy? If you’re going to hang bird feeders, bird houses or other birding accessories in your yard, you’re going to want a pole that is functional, visually appealing and durable. Luckily for you, Duncraft’s Masterpiece Pole Series has just the poles for the job.

A brand-new series of visually appealing, high-quality PVC posts made right here in the USA, the durable Masterpiece Poles will never fade, crack or rot. They can all be installed in mere minutes in nearly any kind of feeding area, thanks to the heavy-duty 4 x 4 twister ground auger that drills 20 inches into the ground for stability. The poles themselves all measure 4 x 4 x 72 inches tall. Additionally, they’re squirrel-proof – the little critters won’t be able to scrabble up the thick pole, and the feeders are hung too high for them to reach by jumping.

4281The Masterpiece 82 inch Station & Feeder has two sturdy 14-inch arms, each of which has a EZ Lock hook able to hang anything up to 20 inches in diameter. These arms are 64 inches from the bottom of the pole, which – at 5 feet, 4 inches – is the ideal height for watching birds and monitoring what you’ve hung. To top it all off, there’s a small, 11-1/2-inch-tall fly-thru bird feeder that slides into the very top of the pole and removes easily for filling and cleaning. Feel free to fill it with seed, suet, or mealworms as you would a normal fly-thru feeder. The Masterpiece 72 inch Feeding Station, meanwhile, is essentially the same minus the fly-thru feeder.

The Duncraft Masterpiece Squirrel-Proof 4 Arm 84 inch Station has no arms, but it does have four metal hooks bolted to the pole from which to hang feeders and whatever else on which you might decide. It’s great for areas where you might not want arms protruding more than a foot from either side of the pole. 4283What’s perfect for areas where you might be really squeezed for horizontal space – or where you might just want an unobtrusive addition to your yard – is the Duncraft 60 inch Masterpiece 4 x 4 Mounting Post. This station has no arms, but instead creatively has space for a small feeder to be placed right on top of the pole. Thanks to the pole’s stability, the feeder won’t easily fall off, if at all.

Try out one of the models from Duncraft’s Masterpiece Pole Series and immediately notice the benefits. Shop the Masterpiece bird feeding stations at Duncraft.com. Happy Birding!

Written by Guest Writer Sean Peick

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