Become Wildlife Certified

Learn more about getting your backyard wildlife certified.

Are you interested in helping wildlife and the environment? Does your yard provide food, shelter and water for birds and other creatures? If it does, the National Wildlife Federation has a program where they will certify your yard as a Wildlife Habitat. You have to meet certain standards and apply for the certification. You will also need to create an account with them which will cost you $20.00. However if you qualify, they’ll send you the coveted Wildlife Certified sign to place in your yard, and you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing that your yard is a haven for birds and wildlife!

Enjoy these helpful videos on how to apply and ways to qualify. We show the last video in the series first, so you can get an idea of the process first. Then the videos are shown in order. To go to the remaining videos in Part 2, click here.

Certified Wildlife Habitats – Certifying Your Yard (#7) – 7th of 7 – Once you’ve provided the 4 components of habitat and adopted sustainable gardening practices you can certify your yard, school or community as a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat! But don’t forget a place for people too!

Certified Wildlife Habitats – Providing Food (#2) – 2nd of 7 – One of the 4 main components of a wildlife friendly garden is Food. Naturalist David Mizejewski shows you ways to provide food for wildlife in your garden.

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