Wildlife Certified Habitats

Learn more about wildlife certification here.

Here we continue the series of videos produced by the National Wildlife Federation to help you learn how to provide food, shelter and water for birds and wildlife. You don’t have to view the videos in any special order. To see the videos in Part 1, click here.

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  • Marcia Pavich October 27, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Our property has been certified since early this summer and it wasn’t really difficult at all. It has been well worth the effort in the number of birds and other wildlife we now have visiting on a regular basis. In addition to song birds and shore birds,( as we live on a small lake), we have seen coyotes, several fox, rabbits, squirrels,chipmunks and muskrats. We have maintained several birdbaths, numerous feeding stations, and a large number of shrubs, flowers and trees which provide nearly year round sources of berries and coverage for both birds and animals. What beauty they provide for us in return! It has also been a great source of education for our grandchildren.