Benefits of Window Feeders

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Duncraft traces its beginnings back to 1952, when Gil Dunn invented what – for its time – was far ahead of the curve. It was the Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station, an innovative window feeder that offered fresh bird seed, water and peanut butter in an attempt to attract birds for up-close enjoyment. 61 years later, although the company has expanded far beyond not just window feeders but bird feeders in general, it has stayed true to its roots by offering an incredibly wide selection of window feeders.

Duncraft offers no fewer than 40 distinct, high-quality kinds of these feeders, all of which are guaranteed to bring you hours of enjoyment by bringing birds literally almost right up to your fingertips. From cardinals and chickadees to hummingbirds and bluebirds – and just about everything in between – all kinds of birds can and will flock to your window to feed when you put a few window feeders out.

One of the company’s traditional designs is the Duncraft Classic Window Feeder, which is economical yet still highly effective. Fill it with seeds, pull up a chair on the other side of the glass and watch the birds flock to it – it’s as easy as that.  This durable feeder is made out of clear plastic that ensures that you’ll have a perfect view as birds eat, and it attaches easily to windows with two suction cups.

Another traditional design is the Duncraft Mini Window Feeder. Perfectly tailored for small birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and finches that won’t be able to resist eating the seed with which you fill it, the mini feeder is able to fit even into the small windowpanes in older windows. It’s made of the same durable and transparent plastic as its larger version, and the one suction cup provides more than enough adherence to the surface of the window to which it’s stuck.

Finally, the final traditional design to mention is the Duncraft Cardinal Classic. As the name implies, you’ll see lots of cardinals alight to feed right on the other side of your window. But the seeds you can fill it with will also attract chickadees and finches to come on down for your enjoyment and their meal. It has all the benefits of being made of clear plastic – that is to say, transparency and durability – and the three suction cups grip the window tight enough that the feeder won’t fall down as you’re watching.

In addition to feeders such as these, Duncraft also offers One-Way Mirrored Film.  This reflective material can be put up on the inside of your window in front of where you’ve placed your window feeder – the result is that the birds see their own reflection instead of you on the other side of the glass. This allows you to get as close as is physically possible to further enjoy all the details without startling the birds. It easily both sticks to and removes from windows.

Between the wide selection and potential for hours of enjoyment spent watching beautiful birds up close, it’s easy to see why Duncraft’s window feeders are still highly effective and popular 61 years after Gil Dunn introduced them to the world. Shop window bird feeders at Happy Birding!

Written by Guest Writer Sean Peick

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