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When Duncraft first introduced the Satellite Feeder in the mid-1900s, the idea of spaceships and the future were rampant in a country caught up in the Space Race. Some 55 years later, spaceships are no longer in vogue and visions of the future look vastly different than they used to – but the Satellite Feeder is still just as popular. With a thoroughly unique design that looks not unlike the classic shape of a UFO, the Satellite is an ideal feeder for clinging birds such as chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and finches.

While it is assuredly not a typical-looking feeder, the Satellite’s appeal lies in its functionality. For all its visual trappings, in reality it’s actually quite simple for birds to use. There is only one hole from which to feed, so one by one, a clinging bird will come by and land at it. It chooses whichever sunflower seed it wants and then flies off. After the bird’s departure causes the feeder to spin, another soon arrives to take its place. Thanks to the placement of the hole directly underneath the protruding ring in the middle of the feeder, the small size of the hole and the extremely smooth surface of the rest of the feeder, the Satellite is proven to thwart larger birds on the hunt for food such as pigeons and starlings.

The heyday of the Space Race may be over, but Duncraft’s Satellite ensures that you can still enjoy seeing beautiful birds at a feeder that takes them to infinity and beyond – or at least a galaxy far, far away. Shop Duncraft.com for our popular Satellite bird feeders and more. Happy Birding!

Written by Guest Writer Sean Peick

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