Convenient Seed Blocks

Learn more about convenient seed blocks.

Mike Dunn, owner of Duncraft, says it best about the broad line of seed blocks made by Duncraft: “In my over 30 years in the ‘bird’ business, I can’t remember when I had as much fun setting out food and watching birds gather and enjoy themselves! There is so much activity at my blocks — birds large and small — it’s great fun!”

There really isn’t an easier or more versatile way to feed your backyard birds and other critters than offering them long lasting, densely packed Duncraft Bird and Critter Blocks. Simply unwrap a block and set it on the ground–or use our Ground Platform Feeder if you choose. Or select smaller blocks shaped to fit hanging basket feeders or our newest Stackers and Stacker Feeder.  Blocks and Stackers are a real convenience in finger-numbing winter weather — or whenever you’re in a hurry and looking to save valuable time. And seed blocks aren’t only fun and easy to use, they’re real problem solvers too, in keeping wildlife and bigger birds away from your established bird feeders! Blocks are a perfect food diversion for squirrels and other critters. Simply set a Critter Block several feet away from your feeders — squirrels and chipmunks can’t resist this delicious meal and will leave your feeders alone.

Mike Dunn’s favorite is the Wildlife Snack Critter Block, made from Duncraft’s very own Wildlife Snack, a premium blend of yellow corn niblets, sunflower seeds, wheat, peanuts and peanuts in the shell.

You’ll find that larger birds such as mourning doves and jays prefer to eat from seed blocks rather than try to negotiate small perches on feeders. Your small songbirds will be left to eat in peace at their feeders. Choose from Bird Blocks made with pure black oil sunflower seeds or a delicious variety of seeds, such as sunflower hearts, millet, corn, safflower, peanuts, Nyjer and canary seeds.

Jan P., a long-time Duncraft customer from Pittsfield, NH, wrote us: “I was recently given several large critter blocks as a gift from my sister. I had never served seed blocks before. I set one out on the edge of our rural backyard. The next morning I was delighted to see a large flock of wild turkeys surrounding the block and eating to their hearts’ content! What a sight! Now they are frequent visitors to my yard. Since then, I’ve seen crows and squirrels eating the blocks as well — and my smaller birds have their feeders all to themselves. I’ve never enjoyed this much activity in my backyard!” We are so pleased Jan is having fun feeding her backyard menagerie and that our new seed blocks play a key role in her daily enjoyment!

Try our seed blocks, seed and suet cakes, Stackers and other ready-made foods and find out how easy, convenient and enjoyable feeding the birds can be. Happy Birding!

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  • Vickie H. February 6, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    I live in the Northwest and we have a lot of winter rain. How do these seed blocks fare in a climate with a lot of rain? Would they fall apart, or do they endure?