Our Best Window Feeder

Discover our #1 best window feeder.

Duncraft’s newest addition to our line lets you see birds up-close in amazing detail. Duncraft’s Mirrored Window Feeder attaches to the outside of any window with four strong suction cups, so birds come right to the window to get their bird food. Best of all, it has optical-quality mirror film on the back. Birds see only their own reflections as they eat, so sudden movements inside the house won’t startle them. They continue to feed, unaware of anything behind the window. That means you get continuous, close-up views of the birds! Even young children can approach the window and watch birds without frightening them away. And it’s great fun for an indoor cat! (scroll down to learn more!)

The Mirrored Window Feeder can be filled with any bird seed or mix. When the top cap is turned upside down, it doubles as a funnel so you can fill it easily with less spillage.  As the seed is poured, it fills both sides of the feeder. Since the seed is contained within the sides of the bird feeder, it always stays fresh and dry and it doesn’t obstruct your view of the birds. You can even take close-up photos of the birds without having the bird food in the picture. Birds feed from two seed ports on each side of the feeder which offers two-level feeding.  The perches are twelve inches wide so there’s more room for more varieties of birds to land.  Even larger birds like cardinals and blue jays can feed together comfortably, so you’ll always get lots of bird activity.

Like any window feeder, the Mirrored Window Feeder is not squirrel proof, so place the feeder on a window high enough and at least 10 feet away from bushes, trees and fences that a squirrel can jump from. Happy Birding!

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