The Squirrel-Proof Sky Cafe

The Sky Café 360 at

Red Sky Cafe protects bird feeders from squirrels when they land from above!The Sky Café is one of the best squirrel-proof feeders that works without any electronics whatsoever. Watch the cute video below and you’ll see what we mean. Squirrels absolutely can’t get to the seed if they approach the feeder from the top and try to climb down.

That doesn’t mean that a squirrel can’t jump from the ground and get to the seed that way. Squirrels are able to jump at least five feet straight up!Sky Cafe Baffle No feeder is protected if its base is less than five feet off the ground. If squirrels are a problem, we recommend hanging it even higher. Shepherd’s poles are not an option if you have squirrels!

Watch the video below and see
how the Sky Cafe works

Also, make sure any feeder is at least ten feet away from tree trunks, fences, buildings, or anything else a squirrel can jump from. Squirrels can jump horizontally at least 10 feet and sometimes more. If you have hanging feeders and follow these two rules, you’re on your way to getting squirrel proof. Next, you will need an overhead baffle to stop squirrels from climbing down the hanger. If you don’t have a Sky Cafe Feeder, you can buy a Sky Café baffle to use over the feeder you have. Enjoy outwitting your squirrels!

See the 5 different Sky Café colors!

Happy Birding!

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