Tales from Our Retail Store

Read true stories by Duncraft's own Jacob Kimball, grandson of owner Mike Dunn.

As many of you know, Duncraft is a family-run company. One of our younger employees is Jacob Kimball, grandson of Mike Dunn and representing the fourth generation of Dunns to be employed at Duncraft. Jake has been working in the retail store for the last three summers while school was out. Jake is a great kid who really enjoys our customers. He even wrote this blog post about his fun days in the store and some of our customers’ birding adventures. Enjoy!

Tales from Our Retail Store — by Jacob Kimball

Bird lovers and curious bird novices alike always hear stories about other bird watchers and their birding experiences. But how about hearing what a retail associate has to share about the bird watchers themselves? Ranging from the youngest of people to older experienced veterans, all our customers love the birds! We have dedicated customers that come in nearly every week to feed their favorite bird types! The smiles on the faces of these customers begin when they walk through the door and don’t go away until they walk back out.

Just like the customers that we have, the stories they tell come in all sorts of varieties. As I’m sure many of you reading this story can relate to, this year of 2011 has been especially full of pesky bears. These bears eat more than their share of seed and sneak off with feeders for who knows what reason! A man who we will call Jim came in last week with just this kind of story. He feeds his birds with the standard black oil sunflower seed. During one of our best sales earlier this year, he stocked up on all sorts of feeders to fill. Once he was done, Jim had set up 17 feeders! He immediately filled them with the clean black oil seed he bought from our retail store. Every night he would spend time bringing in these feeders so that the bear attack wouldn’t come. Yet one day he came back to his house, and not 1, not 5 nor 10 of his feeders were down, but all of them were on the ground and emptied! This did not stop Jim from coming back in for more seed and more feeders however, and that same smile never left his face as he told us this story. He told the story as if the bear was only one of his kids that snuck into the cookie jar. It is stories like these that make Bonny, Chris and I wake up and come into the store every morning.

While we are just normal people at heart, everyone has that special sense in them that shows them how beautiful birds really are. Bird watchers are happier because of their birds. Just ask one that you know! The best time to introduce people to feeding the birds is when they are young! The influence that birds can have is grand in its very unique way. Kids run through the doors of our store and are immediately lost in the wonder and beauty of all that we offer at the store. The Audubon stuffed birds are the favorite of the kids who just love to squeeze them and hear the different calls. So start now with your young child and watch them evolve with their wild birds and carry a wonderful quality with them for the rest of their lives! You will never know if you don’t try, so encourage anyone you know to try it out!

We welcome all bird lovers and experimentalists alike to come in and visit with us. Bring in your favorite pictures to share! We love to see and share the pictures and stories our customers tell us. Our retail store hours are 9 to 5 Monday through Saturday with Sundays off to enjoy our own birds! We are located on Route 3, 102 Fisherville Road in Concord, New Hampshire. Just remember that we don’t bite, we bird!

Written by Jacob Kimball

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  • Peter October 12, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    The bears are fun to watch, but the birds bring more flair and less brutality to the yard! Luckily no bears where I am! Can’t wait to come see all the new stuff in your shop soon!

  • john bigham October 17, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    do the dried cranberrys atract many birds?