Bird Safe® Window Decals

Discover how you can help birds by decorating your windows.

Despite years of efforts by noted ornithologists, universities and others to bring awareness to the public, bird mortality resulting from birds crashing into windows continues to be an ongoing and escalating problem. Duncraft’s Bird Safe® Decals are applied to windows to help make glass visible to birds and help save birds’ lives.

Duncraft addresses the problem of window strikes for the homeowner and wild bird lover with informational articles on their website as well as with their Bird Safe® Window Decals.  How do the decals work?  To answer that question, it’s important to know the two main reasons that birds strike windows.  The first is that a window, being transparent, is simply not seen by the bird at all and the second is that the window is reflecting images of nearby trees, clouds and other objects that the bird perceives as flyable air space.

Common strategies for preventing window strikes include hanging moving objects outside the window to frighten birds away, dulling reflections and attempts to make the glass more visible. But most homeowners are averse to many of the strategies offered by experts because they create eyesores or block the homeowners view.  Suggestions to dull reflections and make windows more visible to birds by soaping them up, smearing them with toothpaste, tacking up netting or applying tape or cloth to them are unacceptable to the homeowner. But there is a solution that most homeowners do find acceptable: reflective decals placed outside the window.

Duncraft’s product, Bird Safe® are decals offered in pleasing shapes that reflect ultraviolet sunlight.  Placed on the outside of a window, these shapes are effective in breaking up reflections of trees, clouds and sky and they make the window more visible to birds because of the brilliant color they reflect.  But the real advantage to these decals is that when viewed from inside the home, they’re almost invisible to humans.  With acceptable solutions like this, thousands and thousands of birds can be saved each year.

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