Attract Birds with Water

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Water increases the chances that birds will visit a backyard—whether in winter or summer. Duncraft offers five easy and fun ideas for providing water to back yard birds so customers can help the birds and enjoy more of them!

Birds bathe in water to keep feathers clean. Clean feathers are more flight-worthy, helping birds escape predators.  Clean feathers also fluff up better, retaining heat in winter. Although birds get most of their dietary water from food, they also seem to enjoy a drink at times. In some areas, natural water sources simply aren’t easily available to birds, especially when water is frozen over or water sources are dried up in summer. Birds don’t want to travel far from water, so not having a water supply in the yard might even keep birds from visiting bird feeders.

The most obvious way to provide water to birds is with a bird bath. Duncraft carries a supply of over forty bird baths styles, giving their customers a full range of choices—ground baths, pedestal baths, hanging baths and more. Duncraft also urges customers to provide ice-free water in winter. This can be accomplished with a bird bath heater or a bird bath with a built in heater.

For creative customers, Duncraft offers the “Bird Bath Raft”.  The raft is a round tray with holes that can be placed in any vessel that holds water and is over 14” in diameter.  The raft floats on the surface and lets in about an inch of water so the bird bath isn’t too deep.  It’s ideal for use in a back yard pond. A whiskey barrel with a liner also makes a perfect bird bath when a Bird Bath Raft is added, allowing customers to use water plants such as duckweed and lily pads to create a natural setting.

Duncraft suggests another way to provide water for birds and that is with a simple mister attached to a hose. When attached to a tree branch, it delivers a fine, cooling mist in the area.  Hummingbirds especially like flying in and out of a gentle mist.  Other birds may simply perch in front of the mister to wet their feathers while they preen. Birds will also drink the water-droplets that form on leaves.

Moving water is especially attractive to birds.  Duncraft recommends a product called the Water Wiggler which continuously agitates the water and creates ripples. Along with being very attractive to birds, moving water removes the tension on the surface of the water that enables mosquito larvae to develop. Larvae sink when there’s no tension for them to cling to and breathe—mosquitoes hatching in the bird bath are no longer a problem.

One more way to accomplish moving water is with a fountain.  Duncraft offers a solar operated fountain that can be placed in a bird bath.  The solar panel connects to the fountain with a ten foot cable so the panel can be placed where it gets the most sun. When the sun hits the solar panel the fountain operates, creating a beautiful, sparkling water feature.

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    what is the name of the product that is used in bird baths to prevent]
    algae from forming?