Invite Nesting Hummingbirds

Invite hummingbirds to nest nearby and raise their babies!

So tiny and secretive during nesting season, a hummingbird building a nest and raising chicks is something most people never see. However, Duncraft’s Hummingbird Nester and nesting materials may attract hummingbirds to backyards where all the activity can be witnessed first-hand. A hummingbird’s nest is about the size of half a walnut shell and well-camouflaged with lichens and moss and held together with spider webs. The stretchy spider webs allow the nest to expand with the growth of the chicks. The ideal location is in the “Y” area in the branches of a bush or tree.

Hummingbirds seek out extremely sheltered locations away from wind, rain and sun. But in the natural world, a hummingbird can’t always find the perfect location and the nest and babies can be subject to heat or dampness — even dangerous gusts of wind that may dislodge the nest or chicks. Duncraft’s Hummingbird Nester is a secure platform that can easily be located in the most desired locations — under the eaves of a house or the inside corner of a covered porch. The platform is made from durable green and gray recycled plastic with a recess in the bottom platform for the hummingbird to build her nest in. Two flexible, vertical metal supports on either side allow the hummingbird to anchor the nest in place, protecting it from sudden breezes. Attached are two artificial landing branches with leaves which the hummingbird uses when approaching and leaving the nest, as well as a bit of natural cotton the bird can use to line the nest to keep her babies warm.

Once a hummingbird has found the perfect place for nest building, she returns to the same location year after year. Duncraft’s Hummingbird Nester arrives with comprehensive instructions to help hummingbird lovers place their Nester in the most desirable location for the best chance of attracting hummingbirds. Remember to have hummingbird nesters up early because when hummingbirds return in early spring, sometimes as early as February in some parts of the country, the female begins building her nest within days of her arrival. Get one up before she arrives! This Hummingbird Nester makes a great gift any time of the year. Happy Birding!

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  • Miriam September 12, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    After 23 years at my “new” house, I saw my first hummingbirds at my feeders 2 weeks ago. They certainly took a long time following me from my old house! I love the thought of the hummingbird nesters so maybe I can coax them into returning in the spring. I definitely will buy one or two.