Squirrel-Proof Window Feeder

Squirrel Proof Window Selective Bird Feeder #4241

Window feeders are a great way to bring birds up close for amazingly detailed views. But one problem with window feeders is they’re a squirrel magnet. Squirrels on window feeders make great entertainment for indoor cats, but most bird lovers aren’t interested in watching squirrels eat all the bird seed. Now Duncraft has solved the problem with the first ever Squirrel Proof Window Selective. It’s the only squirrel proof window feeder on the market today.

Duncraft’s customers frequently ask the question, “How do I keep squirrels off my window feeder?” Until now, there really wasn’t a good answer to this question. There simply wasn’t a foolproof way to stop squirrels from jumping up to a first floor window, where most people put their window feeders. But here at Duncraft, we applied our 60 years of bird feeding experience to find a way to stop window feeder pilfering squirrels.

Duncraft already makes squirrel proof feeders and also window feeders. By creating a special window bracket with suction cups, Duncraft was able to use their best selling Squirrel Blocker Bird Feeder and adapt it so it attaches to a window. The Squirrel Blocker has a mesh tube for feeding sunflower seeds. Caging surrounds the tube — small birds can reach through the caging to get the seeds, but squirrels can’t reach in and chew the tube or get the seeds out of the mesh. Now Duncraft customers can enjoy watching the birds without pesky squirrels stealing the seed. Duncraft’s new feeder is product number 4241, holds 1 ½ lbs. of sunflower seeds and is 16” tall. It retails for $49.95 and can be seen at www.duncraft.com.

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  • s h a r o n November 27, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    The problem remains, of course, that ANY food for birds placed outside your home will attract the attention of squirrels. No, the squirrels MAY be deterred from actually getting to the food, but the fact remains, they will be attracted to the food, and their presence will deter birds from visiting.

    I’d love to hear someone discount my pessimism…really. I do want to feed my local birds. This is doable, because my next-door neighbor has a bird feeder on their front deck, positioned less than 2 ft. from their front door near the roof overhang and less than 10 ft. from the street that goes in front of their home, and mine.

    on the central Oregon coast

  • JS Wo December 23, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Where can one find this “First Ever Squirrel Proof Window Feeder”? I can’t find it on the Duncraft site. I have looked and looked.
    Could someone tell me where I could find this or something like it?
    Thank you,