Benefits of Hopper Feeders

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All hobbies have a focal point to which the participating hobbyists strive to achieve. In golf, you may want to be the great Arnold Palmer, in swimming it might be Michael Phelps or in gardening you may want to achieve your own personal satisfaction. In bird feeding, all birders want to wake up in the morning to the harmonious chirping and tweeting of the multicolored birds on their feeders, and hopper feeders give birders a great opportunity to get all of that. Cardinals and other large birds in particular are attracted to our hopper feeders. The feeders provide wide perching room for the bigger body of the cardinal and also allow the birds to directly face its food so that they may eat in comfort.

A great example of a hopper feeder is our fan-favorite Sky Café. This feeder has been a staple to any birder’s yard all across the United States for over 15 years. Hungry squirrels will try to descend on this feeder from tree branches, but they slide right off of the wide baffle covering the seed. The diameter of the baffle is 17 inches! This stops all squirrels from stealing precious seed from your backyard buddies! Check out this feeder here:

Another benefit of our hopper feeders is the amount of seed they can hold! Everyone knows how cold the winter seasons can get for some areas (although it doesn’t seem to be the case in our area for a while). The large seed capacity of these feeders means that you are not running outside every morning or afternoon refilling your feeders! Our Absolute II feeder for example holds a whopping 8 lbs. of seed! Pair that with squirrel proof perches on both sides and you have the ultimate bird-feeding, squirrel-stopping feeder! You can look into this feeder more here:

If you want to provide for your birds, be ecologically conscious, and support US made products, then we have a wide selection of products in our line. Right here at the Duncraft Inc. in Penacook, New Hampshire, we create our Eco-Friendly products with the utmost care and attention to detail. Made from recycled plastic material, these feeders are proven to withstand the tests of weather and time, and won’t fade or crack like other feeders may. The material is also non-porous and hygienic, making it easy to clean while keeping your seed fresh and dry! One of our newest Eco-Friendly feeders can be found here:

Don’t limit yourself to any of these hopper feeders! We have over 85 different hopper feeders to choose from, each one providing you with its own special touch to your backyard. Shop our complete selection of hopper feeders at

Well, Happy Birding!

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Jacob Kimball (Grandson of Mike Dunn, owner of Duncraft)

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