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Welcome to Duncraft bird feeding store.

Duncraft Call CenterHere we are, proudly modeling our new Duncraft hoodies. We love talking to you and hearing your stories and bird adventures. We thought you might enjoy learning a little bit about us, too!

Candas is a recent transplant from Tennessee. She grew up raising exotic birds and is now learning to love their wild northern cousins. Candas became intrigued when she learned that woodpeckers have “wicked long” tongues that they roll up and tuck into their nasal cavities. This inspired her to learn more and she has now become the call center’s woodpecker expert. Her favorite feeder is the Heavy Duty Suet and Seed Feeder. She likes that you can feed 3 pounds of seed and 1 cake of suet at the same time which allows you to feed a wide variety of birds as well as multiple birds at a time.

Heidi has been an avid birder for 20 years. She keeps busy with a small flock of Icelandic sheep, Joey the Goat and a pair of guard llamas, but she still finds time for a bit of bird watching here and there. Her favorite feeder is currently the Eco-Strong Platform feeder because of its versatility. It attracts a large variety of birds and you can offer so many different types of food on it, like fruit, seed, and mealworms. The cardinals really love it.

Debbie joined us a little over two years ago. She is an avid skier and runs home at her lunch hour to walk her dog, Hershey. Debbie just returned from a trip to Utah where she enjoyed a daily morning wakeup call from a local magpie. Other highlights from her trip included a zip line adventure and watching a moose drink from a mountain stream. Debbie’s favorite feeder is the Duncraft Squirrel Proof Selective because it really does keep those squirrels out and lets the little birds feed in peace.

Carolyn has been with Duncraft for 35 years and recalls her first years at Duncraft building feeders with our founder, Gil Dunn. Carolyn loves watching the Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers at her Tall Nugget Feeder. She says she has tried all the different nugget flavors and her woodpeckers seem to find them all tasty. Carolyn and her husband enjoy travelling and spend time each year in Gatlinburg, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg.

Missy has been helping Duncraft customers with their orders and questions for 12 years. Her favorite feeder is the Squirrel Buster Plus because of all the great feedback she has gotten on it from customers over the years. Missy’s true love is dance, and she divides her time between Duncraft and a local dance studio where she teaches tap several afternoons and evenings each week. She expects to be discovered by a Hollywood talent scout any day now.

Give us a call – we look forward to meeting you!

Heidi Babb

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