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There’s no perfect substitute for the natural nectar found in flowers that hummingbirds love so much. There is, however, a hummingbird feeder that clearly rises above the rest in approximating the experience of feeding at a flower – Dr. JB’s Hummingbird Feeder. Widely hailed as the best hummingbird feeder on the market, this top seller has several key characteristics that ensure its status as “the best”. But what are they? Let’s find out.

The Clean Feeder is a feeder that you don’t have to worry about spills and messes with. The most notable and innovative these are curtailed is with the flow-control design. With a patent pending, this is a feature you won’t find in many other feeders, if any at all. This flow control ensures that spilling won’t occur, but it also makes the feeder extremely resistant to bees. Not only is the feeder not prone to spillage, but it has an additional no-drip design that will hold up even in heavy winds.  The last safeguard against spills is the wide mouth jar itself, which guarantees that you won’t make a mess of things when adding sugar and water to it.

Not only that, but the wide mouth jar also allows for easy cleaning of the feeder. The entire thing is able to come apart into three sections—the inner base, the outer base and the bottle—and is dishwasher-safe, so long as all parts are placed in the top rack. The feeder can also be washed by hand, but whichever way you choose to clean it, always make sure to rinse it after the fact with a mild solution of bleach and water.

Should the petals around the feeding ports break or fall off, replacement petals are available in either red or yellow. With an extremely durable construction on the whole, however, this feeder should last you a long time—saving you money in the long run from having to buy replacement feeders. In addition to its durability, this feeder also is able to attract a huge number of hummingbirds thanks to its bright red color—something hummingbirds are naturally drawn towards.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s indisputable that the Clean Feeder is a terrifically effective hummingbird feeder, and clearly “the best.” Shop Dr. JB’s Hummingbird Feeders at Duncraft.com.

Written by Guest Writer Sean Peick

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