What’s Your Favorite Seed?

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Attract even more birds with tips from the experts. Here’s what customers are saying about: What is your favorite wild bird food to serve and why?

Safflower SeedI love Safflower seeds because the Cardinals, Pine Siskins, House Finches and Mourning Doves love it and the squirrels do not. 😉

Black Oil SunflowerBlack Oil Sunflower seeds….plenty of the birds here in Oregon love them. They are eating me out of house and home. Birdseed alone: they go through 3/4 bag of wild birdseed, a little under 1/2 bag of Black Oil Sunflower seeds as well. Lots of Yellowheaded Blackbirds and Evening Grosbeaks…plus many others.

Nyjer SeedThistle Seed feeders are our most popular. We often have a hundred or more finches in our yard at one time. We have pine siskin and gold finches.

Bits 'N Bites MealwormsI had often seen mealworms recommended for bluebirds, but was hesitant to try them.  They sounded messy and were rather pricey, but I finally decided to get my feet wet with Duncraft’s roasted mealworms. No muss, no fuss, and well worth the price. We had more bluebirds, longer than ever before, which means way more enjoyment.

Woodpecker MixThis year I bought a window feeder and filled it with woodpecker seed. It’s a constant show….we have white and red breasted nut hatches, downy woodpeckers, red belly woodpeckers, tufted titmice, Carolina chickadees, and an occasional Carolina wren. The woodpecker mix has no shells so the area around the house is not littered. This was a great investment!

I would have to say the suet food feeders. I’ve gotten more birds eating from these, and too, a wider assortment of birds eating from them that I’ve not seen at my feeders before. I will always have them, and will eventually get more. All because I hung 2 of the suet feeder baskets, and keep them filled. Shop Duncraft.com for bird seed, suet cakes and more.

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