Feed Birds from Your Deck

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You have a lot of options when choosing how to feed your backyard birds. Whether hanging it from a tree, sticking it on top of a pole, putting it on the ground or attaching it to a window, it should do the trick as far as attracting plenty of birds. One other way to feed birds is possibly overlooked by some people, however, and that’s unfortunate – because offering food in a feeder from your deck is a decision that you’ll soon find out can be quite a good one.

The obvious advantage of a feeder (or group of feeders, as those on decks are generally hung on a pole that can accommodate a few feeders) on your deck is that it allows you to watch the birds that feed at it from a fairly close distance. It’s not quite as close as a window feeder, but that trade-off is balanced by the fact that many window feeders have barely enough room for more than two or three birds at a time. Feeders that are hung off a deck can be much larger than a window feeder, so there’s an increased chance of seeing a group of birds rather than just a precious few of them at a time. Additionally, with the amount of feeders that can be hung from a pole attached to a deck’s railing, you’re likely to get quite the variety of birds that visit your deck as well – with the right combination, for example, you could get small clinging birds at one feeder, medium-sized songbirds at another and hummingbirds at still another. You can also change the feeders throughout the year for even more variety.

The feeders able to be used off your deck can come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the Duncraft Metal Selective Feeder (seen above), the Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder or the Hummerfest Hummingbird Feeder – if it can be hung, it can be used to feed birds from your deck. The hangers can be hung off the deck using a pole like the Single Adjustable Deck Hook. The added perk with this close-range setup, then, is that decks generally escape the messes associated with birds feeding at a bird feeder and stay clean. This is because the feeders don’t have to be hung over the deck, but can instead be set up to hang over the yard – that way, excess or dropped food will land on the ground rather than the deck surface.

So try out a deck feeder and just wait to experience all the enjoyment you’ll get from it. Shop Duncraft.com for deck hangers, bird feeders and more. Happy Birding!

Written by Guest Writer Sean Peick

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  • Lydia May 25, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    I was given one of your hummingbird feeders as a gift. Please tell me what can I make up to put in the feeder for the birds? Thank you.