Gifts for Feeding Orioles

Start attracting orioles!

You want orioles to come to your yard. But you don’t know how. We’re here to help! Your #1 choice to attract orioles is the Eco-Delight Oriole Feeder because it has a spot for each of their favorite foods: oranges and jelly.

One way to keep the food fresh is to invest in the BirdsChoice Weather Guard, which will keep the sun from spoiling the food as fast. Placing a variety of foods out for these brightly plumaged birds will keep them coming back. And if ants are a concern, add our Oriole Ant Moat.

If you would rather not worry about keeping nectar out of the elements, then the Fliteline Oriole Feeder is what you want. This is our largest oriole feeder and holds 30 ounces of nectar with 3 sipping spots and a drip resistant base, which is the ultimate in easy clean up.

Eco Friendly Orange Fruit FeederIf you’re unsure if orioles are in your area, then the Eco-Friendly Orange Fruit Feeder is an excellent choice because it’s sure to capture their attention, it’s low maintenance, and it’s under $20.

You may have noticed a lot of our oriole products are orange and this is because orange attracts them, just like oranges attract them. Our bird feeders are well-designed for easy maintenance over a long period of time.

For your convenience and to make clean up easier, Stokes Select Jelly comes prepackaged and will fit ideally into any jelly tray. Available in either grape (their favorite!) or orange.

Oriole Sweet NectarIf you’re looking for a jelly they’ll enjoy that’s out of the ordinary, choose BirdBerry Jelly, a delightful combination of blackberry and grape.

When it comes to nectar, our Oriole Nectar is wildly popular and comes in a set of 2. If you’re looking for something more elegant to place in a gift basket, choose Oriole Sweet Nectar™ because the scent alone will be worth it. Now that we’ve given you what you need to get orioles into your yard, it’s up to you to choose. Which combinations will you choose?

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  • Nancy Cardani July 4, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    I am looking for a chat line to share blue bird information and stories. I am in Eastern Ma. and Blue birds are very difficult to encourage to my feeders. I try suet, and peanut butter mixture, but because of many sparrows taking charge of my feeder, they lose intrest in fighting for the food. Any suggestions?