Top 5 Gifts for Dad

Cardinal starting to molt, while finishing up nesting season.

Father’s Day is less than a month away. But what do you get the man who has everything? Something that won’t take up more space in his house. Something that brings him happiness. Here at Duncraft, we’ve come up with the Top 5 Gifts for Dad, so you don’t have to worry about what to get him. Here’s our #1 pick:

Bird Cam#1 The Wingscapes BirdCam Pro Camera because if your dad is a serious birder, he’s not going to want to miss a thing! This bird cam is especially great if your dad likes to brag because he can show off his night shots right from the camera.

#2 Your dad has a yard. Why not decorate it? The Waterstone Bird Fountain is an excellent decorative piece because it looks dominant, but weighs only 9 lbs.!

WaterStone Bird Fountain

#3 Drive the squirrels nuts! Our Squirrel Stopper System is 100% squirrel proof and our most popular one.

#4 Squirrel Buster Plus keeps ’em from hijacking the goods. The six ports close the moment a squirrel steps on and BOOM! entertainment and a feeder for the price of one.

#5 By now, we know your dad’s a birder. He’s got a bird feeder. Or several. But does he have the right seed? Each seed attracts certain birds and our descriptions will help you decide.

Bonus: If you sign dear old dad up for our Food Club, then he’ll get 10% off every single food order he places with us. This is a discount he may not find anywhere else. Discount includes suet and seed and everything in between. Signing up is free and you’ll get the seed you need.



Those are our Top 5 Gifts for Dad and we’re sticking to ’em. Happy Father’s Day!

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