Benefits of Recycled Plastic

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Eco View Window Bird HouseYou may think this is real wood. We understand why. The wood grain design we use on our 100% recycled plastic looks like lumber, but it’s not. We re-use plastic to keep it out of landfills, which works out nicely because the recycled lumber we use is:

            • Sanitary
            • Easy to clean
            • Waterproof
            • Recyclable
            • Resistant to stains, mold, and weather

EZ Breezy House spring greenAnd because almost all of our products are made right here at our Concord, New Hampshire wood working workshop, you can rest assured you’re getting quality. We buy all of our materials in the USA. You’re welcome to browse our exclusive Duncraft brand items.

You may have noticed Duncraft works with a spectrum of colors, suitable for those with a bold taste or those who prefer something more subtle, humble, and handsome. You could choose a bright race car red, a vibrant spring green, or a soothing cerulean blue. Our colors won’t fade, not even in direct sunlight. But they might match your house and deflect sunlight to keep the birds cool.

EZ Ground Platform FeederAs for your EZ Move Ground Platform Feeder, you can leave it outside for years and it’ll stay looking handsome for generations, even through heavy snow or hail, and won’t warp, rot, or crack. Simply sanitize with hot water and scrub with a small amount of dish soap, then leave in the sun to dry.

Our recycled plastic products are so easy to take care of you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought one from us yet. View our complete selection of bird feeders and bird houses.

P.S. We also think it’s cool we can cut out any kind of design. Have you ever seen bird feeders shaped like these?

Bluebird Jar Feeder

Cardinal Jar Feeder






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