Window Decals: A True Story

Clear Birds' Eye View window cling.

This is a letter we received from one of our customers who just couldn’t hold in their good news…

Window DecalsHi! I just wanted to drop a note about the window decals. They work beautifully! I haven’t had ONE bird hit the window since I purchased the little hummingbird ones a few weeks ago. (knock on wood) I never thought they would do any good at all.

I live in the middle of lots of trees and bushes and the windows reflect everything. Just before I ordered the decals a little one (whom I have since nicknamed Evel Knievel) just rocketed into the second floor bay window and knocked himself out cold. He landed with his little feet up on the window sill outside. I thought he was dead. I was in tears and furious! I didn’t know how to stop them from doing that. The bird feeder is right outside the window and so that’s why so many would mistake the window for trees. And it would always make me jump a foot when they did. I couldn’t leave him there and so with a heavy heart got out the ladder and climbed up – preparing to have a little funeral. BUT, when I got up there he was on his feet! A bird CAN look dazed. I was no more than a foot from him and just froze there and waited. I talked really low and said “You’re going to be okay. I won’t touch you. It’ll be okay,” and slowly came down the ladder. I went inside and watched from outside and he finally shook his feathers and walked about a bit, then flew off. Much to my relief.

That very day one of your catalogs came in the mail and as I put all the mail on the couch to open it your catalog fell open to the page with the decals. I thought maybe there really is a bird god and trying to tell me something and so I might as well try something – anything – before I decide to paint the windows black – and so ordered them. I was dubious. Something as simple as this? This will work? No way.

But, WAY.

So with the great seed, the great suet and the great bird feeder, and now these great little mysterious things on my windows, the birds and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Scamper from Seattle

You can buy your own window decals from Duncraft for only $6.95 and up. Decals wear down over time when they’re exposed to the elements and one inexpensive way to see if yours are still good is to use a UV Light.

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