Do Ravens Like Cookies?

Raven perched on the birdbath.

Randy and Sandy in California shared their bird photos with us. Thank you, birds are so fun to watch! Now here’s their letter. After, keep scrolling to see their fun photos.

As luck would have it, the timing and our neighbor’s generosity enticed “The Soaker” to the birdbath last evening with some very dry bread—determined enough not to take much notice of my attempts to take a few photos.

The woodpeckers are the Acorn variety, and we even have a Pileated Woodpecker nearby that only twice has come into the garden, once to perch on the deck railing but only for a few seconds. We often hear the distinct voice that reminds us of those old Woody the Woodpecker cartoons.

So, that’s it. We’re staying under the radar here as best we can and hope that the blog posting doesn’t bring too much attention! We have a baseball cap and new sunglasses handy just in case.


Randy and Sandy
Mendocino, CA

Enjoy the photos included below, provided by Randy and Sandy. Find out whether the Raven takes the cookies!


The Drop

The Test

The Pick Up and Flyaway


Plus, here’s the Acorn Woodpecker and the Steller’s Jay.



Steller's Jay

1 Po-cookie, 2 Po-cookie...


Happy Birding!

P.S. Out of curiosity, do you recognize the birdbath in the photos? It’s our Newton Birdbath in Heather Gray. Shop for the Newton Birdbath and more at

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